Maternity Milk Bath


Maternity Milk Bath Session

For Rebecca’s Milk Bath Photoshoot we created two different set ups. One very bright, pretty white lace theme and one more dramatic, colourful red roses theme.

Rebecca has one little girl already and has another on the way. She is due in January so she had a lovely shaped big bump when we did this milk bath photoshoot at the beginning of December.

First Milk Bath Set

I started with this deep red and white set as I knew for the white and pink set I wanted to sprinkle leaves and petals around the bath so I saved the until last (as it’s much harder to clear away quickly)!

I was really lucky with the lilies I managed to get for this look. I usually buy the flowers for the milk bath sessions the day before so the flowers are always at their best. I’m sure you’ll recall quite often when you buy lilies they are closed up and take a while so bloom but these where just perfect for shooting already. I managed to get hold of plenty of Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) as well.


As you can see from the photo above even on maternity milk bath photoshoots where it’s supposed to be about the bump I will still take some portraits!
Rebecca’s red hair goes so well with the red tulle robe on this set.


Time for a change

When we do two set ups I like the change over from the first to second set to be as quick as possible so my model keeps warm and comfortable. Everyone’s bathroom varies as well so some bath rooms get really warm which means my model can stop for a break and a cuppa tea in between if they want. Then we top the water back up with some hot water and carry on for the second set.

Second Milk Bath Set

The second milk bath set is usually a different theme so there’s an outfit change and I change the flowers around. Rebecca had this little floral head piece (which I believe was her daughters!) but suggested it would go with this set and it certainly does!


I really like some green foliage as well as the flowers. I think the leaves look lovely floating in the water.


Another great session. Thanks Rebecca.

Fancy a milk bath shoot? 

It's great for a maternity shoot! A unique and beautiful way to show your baby bump.

Of course it doesn't have to be a maternity shoot. You can see in the milk bath gallery for other examples and ideas to have a creative milk bath shoot for yourself. 

There are more options with this type of shoot than you might think! You could try lots of ideas such as fresh flowers, zesty lemons and mint, lots of fabric, floaty dresses or get creative with make up looks (a make up artist can be booked just enquire for this). 

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