Moody Blues Creative Milk Bath Photoshoot

DSC_6698 landscape.jpg

Most of my milk bath photoshoots are bright and soft so Natasha wanted to try a mix of styles and this darker moody look was something a bit different but we achieved some dramatic results.

This blue tulle dress and fabric added a lot of drama to the photos especially combining it with the deep red flowers.

The light bouncing off the blue fabric gives a bit of a blue tint to the water as well which adds to the moody look of this milk bath session.

DSC_6711 web.jpg
DSC_6698 web.jpg
DSC_6758 web.jpg


Natasha’s make up complimented the look really well with her dark eyes, eyeliner and deep red lips to match the flowers. The black lace bodysuit adds some extra detail under the tulle fabric.

DSC_6717 web.jpg
DSC_6694 web.jpg

Natasha had great eye contact with the camera and was throwing some great poses. It’s always a challenge trying to pose whilst laying down in a bath!

I can direct you and guide you with what looks best. I also use a bath mat so you don’t slide around to much!

The water is never to deep either as the idea is to see part of your body out of the water to create some lovely shapes.