Melanie's Spring Theme Maternity Milk Bath


Baby Bump Portrait Session

We started with some outdoor portraits and were lucky to have this beautiful pink floral tree in bloom. Melanie had this lovely simple fitted white dress which shows off her bump.

I love the natural shot as well with her looking at her bump and the wind through her hair.

Melanie looks so beautiful and effortless but it was a bit windy which was great for the photos but Melanie was having a bit of a battle with the branches blowing around and trying not to get to wind swept but in was a good laugh!

DSC_8266 web.jpg
DSC_8243 web.jpg

Bath Session

For the first look we went for these deep yellows and golds. I’ve always wanted to add in some sunflowers so for this colour theme I got the chance. Melanie brought along a selection of headbands as well.

DSC_8340 web.jpg
DSC_8309 web.jpg

Dusty Pinks

DSC_8372 web.jpg

For the second look we went for a dusty pink theme. Again Melanie came prepared with a headpiece to match! I used lots of beautiful spring flowers such as tulips and hydrangeas.

I used some fake flowers for both the colour themes on this shoot however I try to keep fake flowers to a minimum to be as eco friendly as possible and also nothing beats the beauty and scent of real flowers!

DSC_8347 web.jpg
DSC_8353 web.jpg
DSC_8349 web.jpg
DSC_8357 web.jpg
DSC_8396 web.jpg

After sending Melanie her gallery she really loved this colour theme hence why you see lots of images from this set! I totally agree as well. I love the soft yet colourful looks of the different shades of pinks and purples placed all together.

By the time I sent the final photos to Melanie she had already had her beautiful baby girl and they were doing well. I wish them all the best.

I love hearing every mothers pregnancy and baby stories as they’re all unique and different. My next blog post will be a baby shoot who’s mum I was supposed to photograph for her maternity bump shoot for but the eager baby boy decided he was going to come two months early! Keep an eye out for that post… it’s will be very cute!

Fancy a milk bath shoot? 

It's great for a unique creative portrait session to treat yourself or for a maternity bump shoot.

There are more options with this type of shoot than you might think! You could try lots of ideas such as fresh flowers, zesty lemons and mint, lots of fabric, floaty dresses or get creative with make up looks (there is the option to have a make up artist as well). 

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