Meet William- New Born Baby Photo Session


William- Nine weeks old

William has quite the story of how he came into the world. William was very eager to make his entrance into the world and arrived nine weeks early!

Mamma was on her way back from work when she went into labour and had to pull over in some motorway services and an ambulance took her to the nearest hospital, meaning Dad had quite a drive (about 1.5 hours) to get to them! Mum and baby were all fine and healthy though despite William being only 3lbs 7 ozs when born! So tiny!

DSC_8698 web.jpg

Preparing… A quick test shot with bunny in place before Mum pops William down.

Baby photo sessions are very straight forward as you only need a small space perhaps on a bed near a window for lovely natural soft light, some textured blankets, toys and outfits. I know every new mum has lots and lots of toys and blankets as friends and family often go baby crazy and gift lots of wonderful things! Of course the hardest part is getting baby to play along and be happy for the photoshoot!

DSC_8699 web.jpg

Then it’s William’s turn. He’s all asleep, cute and content.

DSC_8704 web.jpg

Get that dummy out and we’re all set!

DSC_8712 web.jpg
DSC_8717 web.jpg
DSC_8768 web.jpg
DSC_8781 web.jpg

Baby’s have the best expressions!

The baby photoshoot is all about capturing the cute expressions and those funny little faces that are unique to them! I think Williams “Elvis” is my favourite!

DSC_8791 web.jpg

Happy Chappy

DSC_8782 web.jpg

The Elvis

“ Uh- Huh”

DSC_8769 web.jpg

Wide Eyed

DSC_8786 web.jpg

Sleepy Boy

“Ok I’m done modelling now, it’s nap time!”

Father and Son Photos

Catching Dad on camera too. Dad was holding William by the window and it looked so lovely so we just took some candid shots. Look how tiny and cute William looks!

DSC_8804 web.jpg
DSC_8815 web.jpg
DSC_8826 web.jpg

A final photo when they put William down & he’s looking up at Mum & Dad.