Actress Headshots & Pretty Location Portraits


Combined Indoor Headshots & Location Portrait Photo Session

Felicity came along to my home studio to have a photo session which combined natural light studio style headshots and portraits out on location as well. I'm lucky to have a variety of beautiful natural locations around my home studio all within a short drive away. 

Forest of Rhododendrons

By shooting from my home studio we could use it as a base for changing which is very useful. Felicity was able to lay out all her clothes and was happy for us to go through them together to decide what would work best for each set up. 

We started out on location. Felicity brought along a great selection of clothes. I had this white floral headpiece as well which matched her white dress. Felicity's dress is so simple but very elegant. In the shot on the right there was a little breeze that caught her hair which has given it a beautiful shape. 

DSC_3811 web.jpg
DSC_3910 web.jpg
DSC_3911 web.jpg

We had some laughs... probably at me saying she reminds me of Liv Tyler as ones of the Elves in Lord of the Rings! 

At least it turns out Felicity is a massive Lord of the Rings fan so she was pleased with that comment! 

Back to the Studio!

After the flower portraits we went back inside for some natural light studio style headshots. My home studio is more of a homely space than a big white empty studio space so hopefully it's much more inviting and less daunting. 

This is a photo of the space where I create these natural light headshots. You can see there's large double patio doors which let in lots of lovely light. The mirror gets taken down from the wall and we have either the dark grey wall to shoot against or on the opposite side is a white wall. I have many props around the place hence the vintage deck chair you can see in the corner!

DSC_3998 web.jpg
RAJK0015_1 edit.jpg
DSC_4037 web.jpg

Time for a Change!

This is your dressing room where you have space to put your clothes, with the dressing table and mirror for make up/ hair touch ups.

More props... this is wear you'll find the typewriter as well!

Felicity changed into a white top for these very light, soft portraits with the tulle material canopy. For this it's just about playing around with the fabric to create some shapes and capture some elegant portraits. 

DSC_4098 web.jpg
DSC_4099 web.jpg

A few more...