Male Portraits on Location in Guildford, Surrey

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It’s not all about the ladies!

Of course not every customer wants to have their work featured on my website which is perfectly understandable as sometimes the photos might just be for the eyes of you and your loved ones. You may see that my website appears to be very female orientated, and I do get more women than men approach me but it’s always nice to be able to share some male portraits as I don’t often get to feature them on my website.

For Raj’s photo session I suggested taking a walk along Guildford canal towards Guildford Castle Grounds.

Guildford isn’t far from my home studio and it’s a beautiful old market town to use for location portrait sessions. It has a wide variety of locations, from street style urban areas to beautiful canals and castle gardens.

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Our walk started at this bridge under the canal which made for a more creative photo with reflections of the buildings in the water and the lines and shapes in the image.

We followed this lovely textured stone wall into the Castle Gardens. You can see that we were so lucky to have a beautiful sunny day!

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Raj is a photographer himself so if your wondering why he’s wearing a backpack then it’s because it’s his treasured Peak Design backpack which he keeps all his photography gear in. Raj mentioned that he already has lots of photos of himself with his camera in his hand so this was just a more subtle approach to taking a photographers portrait.

Always think about your accessories as well as your outfits. Sometimes we don’t realise what little things we collect or have on us everyday that show our own style or something about who we are. These things are great to make your photos unique and more personal.

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The Castle Gardens have winding pathways around the grounds. We had dappled light peaking through the trees above the walls to create some beautiful light to work with.

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And here’s a photo he took of me!

That doesn’t often happen on my photoshoots!