Creative Tulle Fabric Milk Bath Photoshoot

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Tulle Dresses

You will see with this latest milk bath photo session there is a big change… all the beautiful fabric!

I now have a selection of tulle dresses and robes to choose from, with different colours and fabrics each photo session can be totally different.

Natasha is both a model and photographer like myself so it’s always a pleasure to get to work together. I really like the new look this fabric has created. I can’t wait until my next milk bath session and I still have other new outfits for people to try.

Don’t jump straight in at the deep end!

At the start of the photoshoot I would usually take some outdoor portraits to ease into the session. However now that it’s winter time this wouldn’t be the most pleasant idea, so during the winter season or on rainy days I can take some soft, simple indoors portraits instead.

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The Tulle Dresses

I currently have peach and blue tulle dresses, a pinky red tulle robe and a white lace dress.

What you wear or don’t wear is totally up to you. Natasha is wearing the peach dress with white lacey lingerie underneath which looks so soft and beautiful. You could wear a white bikini or perhaps pastel pink or blue lingerie (or bikini) to keep the soft, pretty look.

Once I have the bath ready with the soya milk powder to give it that white look and lavender oil to make it smell lovely, I start by taking some simple photos without adding in any flowers. Also at the beginning we try to keep your hair as dry as possible to get some different looks sitting up in the bath, then more submerged in the water later on.

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Peachy Pink Paradise!


Let’s get the flowers added to the bath water.

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DSC_6644 web.jpg

These dresses make for a beautiful look for a creative milk bath shoot or they work really well for a maternity session as the material is sheer so it would show off the baby bump in a beautiful subtle way.

Watch this space…

There will be more photos to come with Natasha for our dramatic moodier Milk Bath photoshoot with the blue tulle dress and deep red roses.

To find out more about a milk bath session click the link below.

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