The Roaring 20's

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Izzy & her friends were heading back to the roaring 20's!

Izzy had a 1920's event booked with her friends, so make the most of their fabulous outfits she wanted a photoshoot beforehand. Izzy had some individual photos as well as some photos with her friends. These were taken outside her place before they headed off to the event. They had put such efforts into their fantastic sequin, sparkly, feathery outfits so what a great way to capture their efforts! 

Shake Your Feathers 

Before Izzy's friends arrived we took the individual portraits. Behind the house was a lovely natural green area with lots of trees and shrubs, however there was this beautiful textured wall made from railway sleepers... This was just perfect as I think the colours work so well! The houses around were all a very light colour brick as well which made the natural light bounce around everywhere (as opposed to the green trees which were in a much more shaded area). Having these wooden and brick backgrounds was simple but worked really effectively. 

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Flapper Girls

When Izzy's friends arrived they were eager to have some photos and were all having a good laugh straight away. 

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They had such a great spark between them all and were excited about their evening ahead so it made it really easy to capture this in the photos. 

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They tried their hardest to be sophisticated ladies of the 20's! 

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