Lou- portrait session


Soft Portraits

Lou is a London based actress who came along to my home studio in Farnborough, Hampshire for a portrait session. As I specialise in natural light portraits I make the most out of the beautiful light in my conservatory. The wall is painted this lovely soft “natural stone” colour which worked so well as a backdrop to Lou’s beautiful pink and lilac outfit.


Soft Pastels

DSC_7181 web.jpg
DSC_7185 web.jpg
DSC_7182 web.jpg

Moody Portraits

To offer plenty of variety I always photograph a more dramatic, moody, darker portrait set as well as the soft portrait set. Lou’s red jumpsuit really worked against the darker background. I have a grey backdrop which can be used but here I decided to keep the environment behind to add some more depth to the photos.

Moody portraits

DSC_7145 web.jpg
DSC_7132 web.jpg

Creative Fabric Portraits

I like to finish with a creative portrait set up involving these beautiful soft fabrics. The textured fabrics along with Lou’s beautiful texture hair adds to this elegant painterly look. The white tulle fabric is actually a tulle canopy. The fabric hangs down in a circle from a hoop above (it’s the sort of thing people put hanging over a bed). Sometimes you will see from other portrait photo sessions I have the model sitting in the middle of the canopy so it hangs down all around them. However in Lou’s photos, I have create a set using the blue fabric as well.

DSC_7319 web.jpg

Soft colours and soft textures to create this feminine feel.

DSC_7314 web.jpg

If you’re interested in having a natural light indoor portrait session then take a look here.

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