Flora and Fauna Milk Bath

Another milk bath, this time with Sophie. Sophie is also a make up artist who can do very creative make up so this really added something different to this shoot. We also used some beautiful headpieces as well.  

This time I started shooting with clear water and added in the flowers to see what it would look like with out the milk powder. It looked lovely but the white of the milk powder gives a lovely bright soft light as the light bounces off the white water. 

I love the colour theme with these flowers. I used Peonies, Alliums, Roses and Baby's Breath. 

Please click on the photos to have a look.

Fancy a milk bath shoot? 

It's great for a maternity shoot! A unique and beautiful way to show your baby bump.

Watch this space. I have just photographed a maternity milk bath shoot so a post on that is to follow.  The photos are already in the milk bath gallery in the portfolio section of my website so you can go and check them out. 

There are more options with this type of shoot than you might think! You could try lots of ideas such as fresh flowers, zesty lemons and mint, lots of fabric, floaty dresses or get creative with make up looks. 

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