Portrait Photoshoot at Oxford Botanics Garden

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Anthropology student, Isabella, at Oxford Brookes University wanted some portraits taken. We thought that the University of Oxford Botanic Garden in the heart of Oxford would be a lovely location.


The challenge of a location portrait photo session during the autumn is dealing with the unreliable British weather. However, this location gave great versatility as it had the beautiful gardens outside and indoor tropical glasshouses which of course are very warm inside, so it made for a comfortable photoshoot no matter what the weather. 

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For the styling we kept it very simple and decided to go along with the autumnal season and colours. Isabella wore a lovely mustard colour jumper and a rust brown/ orange jumper. The jumpers were also practical and kept her warm whilst shooting outside! These colours were very complimentary to her Auburn hair which had hints of copper through it as well. 

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Isabella wasn't sure on how to pose so I offered some guidance. Initially people some times have to get comfortable in front of the camera. Firstly I suggested things such as running her hands through her hair. This gives you something to do and think about to take your mind of the camera a little. Then I talk about "the look". You should look into the camera with intent or with a thought, imagining that you might be about to share this thought with the photographer to make your eyes look engaging in the photo. An easy way to cheat this is by looking down to the ground first and then looking up just before the photo is taken. For this technique communication is important! The photographers needs to tell the model when the photo is about to be taken so they can flick their eyes up to the camera. Looking at the camera with no thought can leave your eyes looking dull. Especially If you drift of in your head thinking about other things as you could look tired or distracted rather than focused. 

I think Isabella pulled it off really well and we got some gorgeous results! 

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Pumpkin Patch Portraits

As it was October we couldn't help but take a few photos at the little Pumpkin Patch, especially as Isabella's jumper matched the colours so well! 

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