Pet Photography- Little Orchard's Crufts Show Dogs

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I had the pleasure of photographing 4 gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's. Little Orchard has two young Cruft's Show dogs, Shelpet Samara (Sophie) on the far left and Korolevsky Rosichka (Rosie) on the far right. Then there are the two boys Ollie and Alfie in the middle.

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They are proudly owned, and very much loved and adored by their owner Suzanne. Her dog grooming summer house sits in between the apple trees. They have a large garden with plenty of space to run around in. They have some friends which include goats (as Suzanne is a former goat breeder), cats and a parrot!

Suzanne wanted some photos of Sophie and Rosie for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's Year Book. She will also be breeding Sophie as well, who gained her Stud Book number at the age of just 19 months.

They all patiently waited for each other to be groomed before we headed out into the garden to find suitable locations to photograph the dogs.

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There were plenty of options around the garden such as having beautiful flowers, the pond or trees in the background. 

But we found a lovely large mossy tree stump and branch that would be ideal if we could get the dogs sitting on top of it. That's the challenge!

Fortunately they were very well trained. Suzanne had some dog treats with her as well just in case. Getting all four dogs sitting together for a photo was the hardest part as there was often one of them not paying attention but we got there in the end. 

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Just like family photographs it's just as important with pet photography to have them all looking lively and showing that energy in their eyes. Sophie was a little sleepy so we had to keep engaging with her so we didn't get a droopy head and eyes. I love getting the little moments of them sticking their tongues out or something a little silly as well as the photos of them looking beautiful.

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You always have that one joker in the family that pulls faces! 

In this doggy family it was Alfie (on the far right) with his crazy eyes and he was constantly sticking his tongue out.

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Did someone say dog treats! 



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Alfie's still to excited about food!

A few more photos of the dogs...

It was a very enjoyable pet photoshoot with these well behaved show dogs.

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I look forward to seeing the photos for Little Orchard in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's Year Book.

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