A portait session with Gracie



Gracie is a musician from Brighton and has recently started to get into modelling.

Despite being very new to modelling she needed little direction and was such a natural! 



Warm winter clothing was on the styling agenda! For a winter location portrait session it's important for the model to be comfortable as no one is going to look their best when they're freezing cold! 

Clothing with lots of texture such as knitted jumpers work really well as it adds some detail to the image. Thinking about colour is important as well. We went for quite subtle colours that matched the natural surroundings. 

Patterned clothing can be very hard to get right in an image so it's best to avoid them. I find patterns work best for a bold fashion photoshoots rather than portrait photography. 

Winter Locations


I think you can still find lovely outdoor locations for portrait photoshoots over the winter time. I know some people like to hibernate! However, the winter season offers totally different colours, plants, foliage and flowers to the other seasons. It sometimes means you have to look a bit harder but it's always worth it.

You can see in the photo above lots of lovely red berries and deep green leaves. There is also a wooden bridge going off into the distance behind for some extra detail and depth to the image. 

In the photo below I found some lovely orange flowers to match Gracies hair! She also had a lovely orangey brown jacket with her to bring it all together. 


Portrait sessions can be done at any time of the year as you can see. Each season offers something new and different.  Whether you're wanting some portrait photos yourself or whether you're a photographer hoping for warmer weather then just get out there and you'll find plenty of inspiration!

If you're interested you can check out Gracie's band here: https://www.facebook.com/SouthWestsiide/

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