Vintage Makeover

A hair and make up artist will transform you from an era of your choosing. This could be the roaring 20's or the rock n roll 50's. Two outfits will be provided plus feel free to bring along one of your own looks if your have something suitable. Your new look will be good enough to head to the hop! 

from 250.00

Two location options: 

The first being out and about at an outside location.

The other is a small old barn studio based in Brighton with lots of character. Lovely brick walls and wooden floors. 

Due to hair a make up prep time this photo session whether it's outdoors or in the barn studio will be 4 hours. 

Brighton Hen Parties!

Hen parties please get in touch as this would be a fabulously fun way to start your hen party in Brighton as you will be all made up ready for your night out! Please get in contact and let me know how many of you there would be. 

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